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Man and Women are different.


Basic understanding is achived with humor and through

direct communication between the penis and the vagina.


Men's "issues" are explained through hilarious, panis monimogues.

The play goes back to Adam and Eve. God created Adam. It was his first human. 


Therefore, it is only natural that he had made some mistakes, After all he is only God.  For instance, he forgot to connect the penis to the heart and the brain - no connection. 


When God created the woman, he corrected many of his original mistakes.  Thus, the woman is a newer model - an improved version. 


This play employs humor to bring out the differences between the genders.  It keeps the audience sympathizing, agreeing and laughing for the duration of the show. 


This play appeals to anyone who has ever been in a relationship, whether long or short!



Dan Israely (Writer) came to USA in 1967, following three years of service in the Israeli Air force.  He came to Los Angeles in order to study Theatre Arts.  He subsequently graduated UCLA,  with a Masters degree in Theatre Arts.  Since then, he has written, produced and directed many short documentary and educational films. For fifteen years he directed a half hour weekly television show, which was syndicated in eighty eight cities throughout theUnited States and Canada.  His writing credits extend beyond theatre and film. Dan has published several poetry books and is also an established lyricist, having written countless songs, both here in the United States and abroad for the international music market.  His love for the theatre goes back to his childhood years.  He grew up in Haifa, only a few short blocks from the city’s main theatre.  For as long as he can remember himself, as a young boy, he used to spend long hours in and around that theatre. Observing, helping and participating as much as they would let him.  Between his busy career as the CEO of a successful California company and his many charitable pursuits, Dan has managed to complete his most recent comedy: Orgasms.   “Orgasms” is a project three years in the making. Dan has been accumulating an abundance of raw material over the years, culminating in this spectacular show about relationships and compatibility.  One outstanding source of raw material is his own wife, a prominent clinical psychologist whose post doctorate specialty is in the field of sexual dysfunctions. The two of them live together inLos Angeles and are celebrating 35 years of happy marriage and friendship. They are the proud parents of three outstanding and successful children.


Dr. Zahava Israely (Psychological Advisor) a prominent psychologist whose post doctorate specialty is in the field of sexual dysfunctions.  Dr. Israely is the psychological consultant on ORGASMS.  Israely, has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. She is specializing in relationship and sexual dysfunctions and has been in private practice, in Encino for over 20 years.  Dr. Israelyhas published countless articles on subjects related to her specialty. She has lent her expertise as a consultant to various educational and documentary films.  Dr. Israely is an active board member of several charitable organizations, primarily those that deal with children in need. Israely, is also an active member of Tel-Aviv Los –Angeles Partnership 2000, which is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los-Angeles.  Zahava would like to take this opportunity and thank Dan for bringing such an important issue as an Orgasm to the mind and soul of so many women that unfortunately either never experienced an orgasm or have difficulties experiencing one. Hopefully this awareness will give people the permission to talk about the subject without any shame or guilt..


© 2014 DI Productions, LLC.

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